Me and my blog

Hello everyone! Well, I wanted to make a blog so I could share my love of fashion to this world. But also to talk about myself and my everyday life. I needed something to express my opinion on certain things and so this is what this blog is for. My best friend, Shaurie, inspired me to start my blog! She had made one and I kept looking at it and I finally decided to make my own blog! Now I am super duper obsessed! I love it! I try to post something new each day and when I don't I get upset. I'm not like everybody else. I try to stand out of the crowd as much as I can. I have a unique sense of style and fashion is my life. My wardrobe is very simple right now though, because money doesn't grow on trees(though I wish it would). But each time I can I try to add new things to my closet. When I'm older I want to become a model and soon after that a fashion merchandiser. When I was young I always wanted to become something big. At first I wanted to become a singer. That passed. Then, I wanted to become an actress. That quickly passed. And then fashion came to my mind. I had always loved to dress up and pose and check out the latest fashion magazines. So, I quickly decided that I wanted to become something in the fashion world. Since then, my dream has stuck and I do not want to let it go. I used to want to grow up so I could finally live my dream but I actually don't want to grow up yet. I have too many things that I can do to just give it all up! I have sisters that always say that it went by too fast! So I want to start living my life now. Plus, you never know what may come tomorrow so you need to live your life today. When I'm older I also want to travel a lot! I want to travel to Tokyo, Milan, and so many other places! I guess you can call me a dreamer. :) Yes, I may be too young to dream all of this but age is just a number! So that's why I made this blog. Maybe it will help me out in the fashion world. You never know! So, I'm an American girl, a dreamer, a fashion addict...whatever you want to call me. But put it all together and you get me! Belle<3