Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fashion Icon of the Week~ Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn is one of my favorite models of all time. Agyness Deyn is an English fashion model, actress, and singer. She has been called “the fashion industry’s next great supermodel.” And I agree. At the age of just 16 she won the Rossendale Free Press “Face of 99” competition. Many of you may have seen her before but her name hasn’t caught along..She has short blonde hair with pretty blue eyes. Agyness has been featured on the magazine covers of: UK Vogue, Pop, Grazia, Time, Vogue Italia, and many more. She has also appeared in advertisements for Anna Sui, Burberry, Mulberry, Giorgio Armani, Paul Smith, Reebok, Moussy, Gianfranco Ferre' , Shiatzy Chen, and more. In May 2008 she was guest editor of i-D magazine.  Vogue Paris declared her one of the top 30 models of the 2000’s. The Daily Mirror reported that Deyn had quit modeling to pursue an acing career. In the 2010 film The Clash of the Titans Agyness played Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love. Many refer Agyness to a tomboy supermodel. Some even refer her to the next Kate Moss. Whichever way she is referred, Agyness is sure to stop the tracks of anyone, and make them stop and stare at her natural supermodel beauty.

agyness 1
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  agyness 4
Agyness-Deyn4 agyness 5

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  1. gorgeous woman! I love her vogue cover, it's so fab!

  2. shes so different.think thats what i love about her, she doesnt try to be like anyone else! great post! have a giveaway on my blog if your interested!

  3. oh beautiful agyness!
    so special, so wonderful.


  4. Now that's a woman who clearly loves herself (in a good way).

  5. Love Agyness, she looks good in everything she does, Ive recently seen a great pic of her with black hair. Thanks sooooo much for adding me to you fav blogs it means allot :)


  6. I love the MaDame campaign's she's been in and especially the Vogue cover!
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  7. Thanks for all the wonderful comments loves!!! :) Agyness is fabulous

  8. Add something studded and you will looks cool.
    Great post though.



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