Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween;Keep in style with your costume!

Happy Halloween! :) I guess that’s what I should say. Time to dress up my loves!! Have you ever thought of wanting to dress up but thinking that it’s way to blech and cheesy for you? Well, what if there was a way where you can look good for Halloween, and look sophisticated and stylish? Skulls, ghosts, goblins? There is a way to bring some fashion into all the costumes.
halloween 4

1.) Well, this mask is a perfect way to bring yourself into the light of the party but also look very unique and sophisticated. This mask is actually made out of candy, but it’s a fun way to dress up for Halloween.
halloween 2

2.) The classic skulls!! Skulls can bring the look of Halloween instantly and are a very artistic touch to a costume.
halloween 3

3.) Vampire fangs are very simple. You can dress up in a very cute dress and give yourself some bloody fangs! This can change the look completely and give a cute vampire touch to it!
There are so many more ways to get yourself prepped up for Halloween in a fashion way. Just let that inner fashionista pop out with your costume tonight! Have fun!

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