Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Atalanta Weller~Bold, Futuristic, Retro shoes that'll keep you wanting more...

Ever heard of the name Atalanta Weller? Does it ring a bell? Well, whether it does or not Atalanta Weller is one who's shoes will do the talking. Simultaneously bold and refined, futuristic and classic, both natural and synthetic. Her unique vision of what she wanted her collection to be. And with no doubt it came to be! She was inspired by the anime series Appleseed and the modernist architect Pierre Luigi Nervi. Her shoes can really make a statement. Very artsy but in a good way.
shoes 3
She has four basic shoe concepts.
shoes 2
shoes one
shoes two 
shoes three
shoes five
shoes four
Atalanta Weller really has something ahead for her. Her shoes just have this certain look to them where I just am insanely in love with them! They have the best edge to them. What I’m saying is kind of confusing…basically I would love to own one of these pairs of shoes. Who wouldn’t? I’ve never heard or seen shoes that are basically balls! They’re so cool and I know each one of us would kill to own shoes like that!! Her shoes are very artsy like I said before and it would be amazing if I could find them at Urban Outfitters for $15!! Impossible! But that would be amazing :) Someday, I promise myself I will own a pair of Atalanta Wellers. I’m shocked she’s not that famous…. her shoes are the shoes of the century. I know I’ve said that with the Alexander Mcqueen shoes which are amazing too but these shoes top that list! Atalanta Weller is for sure now my favorite shoe designer. I’ve got to get myself a pair!! :)

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