Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall 2010 Fave Trends

It's fall!! Finally we can bring out our sophisticated warm colors and dim down the neon. So, what are the new trends for fall?

The Full Skirt
The 60's look of the full skirt is back! The look is perfect for fall and very lady like.

Innerwear as Outerwear
Lingerie has been spotted lately. The look is quite sexy for the modern-day women. Many celebrities have been seen in this look such as Rihanna, Ashley Greene, and Lily Allen.

Long Pants
Nice long trousers have been the latest trend lately. Many designers have brought the trend back. And not just in plain but in other fun shades as well.

Fur Vests
Fur Vests are something edgy but at the same time classy. They're great to top with some leggings and your favorite boots.

So, these are my favorite trends for fall! What are yours?


  1. loving the full skirt and long pants!

    (mini giveaway here! tell me if you'd like to exchange links too! )

  2. Thanks guys for the comments! And yeah I really like the full skirt one. I think that's my favorite :)


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