Monday, November 1, 2010

The end of October & a peaceful mind for November☮

Today I was thinking of how fast this year has gone. Just a couple months ago I was dying to turn 14. Now that I am, I can’t wait till my next birthday. Or just a couple months ago I couldn’t wait until Summer started, and now we’re dying Peace, Love, Happinessto get to Christmas break already. It’s the beginning of November, and I wonder how fast Thanksgiving will come. It’s the beginning of November and I want a peaceful mind this month. A lot has gone on lately that stresses me out(even though I’m to old to stress, or that’s what my mom says.) And this month I want to ignore it all and keep myself in a peaceful state. After all, with school going on and all the quizzes, tests, and projects we get it’s time I tell myself to relax a bit. Am I saying that I’m going to slack? NO. Am I telling myself to ignore all the drama at home for once? YES. Peace. That’s what we all need and I think it’s my turn to understand that I need a break.
Favorite Fashion for Fall
Well, lately the weather has been changing non-stop. It’s been raining, sunny, raining, and back to sunny. I think Florida is finally kicking into fall. Finally! So, what’s the perfect fall look for this year?
My favorite look for fall this year is fringe. Until recently I actually haven’t looked at it that much or even heard of it. Sure, I’ve seen it in fashion magazines but I haven’t really stopped and taken a look at it. So the other day as I was browsing one of my favorite new websites I came across the fringe style. Looking at some photos of the style I immediately knew I found a new favorite trend for fall. The fringe style was popular in the 1920’s. And now it’s back! The look has a sweet bohemian twist to it which makes me want more.
fringe 1
fringe 2

fringe 5

Lessons I’ve learned
So, in the month of October I’ve learned A LOT. About me, the ones I love, and the world. I’ve learned too much to just type all about so I’ll make a list. And I’ll include some important details.
  • Be Happy with who YOU are.
    You are your own special self and you need to be happy with who you are. This month, I  focused on what other people looked like and what they had. And I compared myself with others. Teens always tend to compare themselves with others which brings their self confidence super, super low. And I can admit I’ve had a problem with that. But I’ve realized now that I’m my own beautiful self and I need to be happy with who I am.
  • Be Greatful for what you do have.
    Be greatful for what you have because if you think about it you actually have a lot. Recently I’ve been focusing on everything that I don’t have and how bad it is in my house. All the drama, and everything else. And I asked my sister if I could move in with her. My mom actually woke me up by telling me what I have here. And I actually do have a lot. And that’s what a lot of people do. They don’t realize what they actually have even though they have so much! Many people have it a lot worse then I do.
  • Don’t give up!
    Now I know you must think that I’m getting cheesy by saying this but I’m serious. I’ve always been wanting to give up just because something isn’t working out for me. And that’s not how life is. In life you’re going to go through tough obstacles but once you get through it there’s a treasure waiting for you on the other side. Work hard because when you do something good always comes out of it. No matter how long it takes!
Alice Gibb and Olga Sherer, Sennowe Park, Norfolk, England, November 2007
me 4


Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.


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