Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some stellar kicks!

Hello loves! I am super happy because I finally got myself a phone! And I am super happy about it because I was really desperate for one. I’ve been dying for months because me without a phone= me  miserable. Ha! So to finally get a phone was an awesome thing. Im now a happy girl :)
Well, a while back I was looking around vogue.com(love their website!) and I saw these super gorgeous shoes. The shoes were designed by Peter Som and Charlotte Olympia collaborated together(for the second time!) and brought us some gorgeous shoes. The shoes are 5 inches long which makes anyones legs look long and slim. Models on the runway look tall as ever with these killer shoes. “My collection had shorter silhouettes so I wanted to elongate the leg,” Som said.  And he definitely got to elongate the leg this time. The shoes come in different styles(1 strap or 3 strap) and different patterns.   This collection is definitely a success for Olympia as well as Som. I really want these shoes now!

fabulous shoeessspeter som 2peter-som
peter som 1


  1. I love those vibrant colors. And the mix of print. I would so wear that.

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  2. Thanks loves! I really appreciate the comments!! :)

  3. The shoes are so cool;)


  4. lovely wedges!
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