Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who says you can't be beautiful with four-eyes?

Most people think people with four-eyes are the basic nerds.
Well, I used to think the same exact thing. Until the 6th grade, I used to always be like "ew, they have glasses." And now that I look back I find that I was an idiot. In the 6th grade I met my best friend, Shaurie. She's a gorgeous person but the thing was she wore glasses. I didn't like that. But I ignored it and loved her for her personality rather then her looks. And now, I have NO idea why I didn't like how she wore her glasses. I had glasses to! But I didn't wear them all the time, only when necessary. And I wear glasses now too :) Yes, I have contacts but when Im not wearing them I'm wearing my glasses. It's weird how your views on something can be so stupid and then years later you're like "wow. How can I have thought that?" And glasses are actually very artistic in the fashion industry. Photographers like to have glasses in their pictures and I don't blame them! It brings a different view into the pictures.


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