Sunday, December 19, 2010

Different day...

Today has been the hardest day of my life…
Today my dog was taken from me. Given to a different family. I’ve her for 5 years and so it was really tough. And I still want to cry about it. I just am trying to distract myself from all of it. I want to break down and start crying but I know that it’s life and sometimes things are going to happen and the best way to find happiness again is to find the positive things in life. Shaurie and a couple of my other close friends have helped me feel a little better and I’m learning to cope without Flower already. I just miss my little fluff ball and I miss hugging her and snuggling with her. I miss her licks and giving her tummy rubs. One day I’ll have a dog just like her…
gabriella 2
Gabriella Marina Gonzalez has come out with a new collection for SS 2011, she has named it “The Cyclops Apprentice.” Her pieces are what some would call futuristic. The London designer gives a fresh look into fashion with leather features, chains, and textures that highlight the female body. She describes her collections as “clothing for emotionally dispossessed.” One of her past inspirations was the exploration of human emotional restraint. Her garments are designed for a girl who is beautiful but this is not her priority. And you can’t forget about her shoes which have enormous heels. They have been featured in several magazines and have even been worn by Lady Gaga. Gonzalez has a daring style and is sharing it with courageous woman, just like her.

gabriella 3
gabriella 4
gabriella 1

Le Loup - "Forgive Me" from Hardly Art on Vimeo.


  1. oh, so sad indeed! hope you feel better soon! and i'm sure you gonna have a dog someday soon again! I wish for a little one myself someday! ;)

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  2. Im sorry to hear about your dog :( hope the holidays some how make you feel better. Just so you know I’m blogging again so expect to see new weekly post from me again and Ill be checking your blog out too

  3. Oh wow, these pictures are awesome! I love especially the first one! The heels on the last picture are such an eyecatcher!

    Hope you visit me on my blog


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