Friday, December 17, 2010

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School is finally out for Christmas break and my favorite holiday is coming in 9 days. Most of you have posted what you want but I can’t possibly think of anything. Yes, I really want to go shopping so I guess I can say I want to go shopping? I need a boost in my wardrobe and this is the perfect time to do it with all the sales that come after Christmas.
So much has gone on with my personal life lately. The biggest thing that’s happened is my mom is getting rid of my dog, Flower. I’ve had Flower for 5 years now and it’s really heartbreaking. She’s become a part of the family and it’s super hard to have her go. I’ve begged my mom many times and she doesn’t listen to me. It’s around Christmas time and she’s getting rid of her! And the worst part is she says she is getting rid of her tomorrow. TOMORROW. This is just nothing I would ever wish for…
Well, to get me in a better mood(if that’s even possible) I am going to Orlando and spending 5 days with Shaurie. I am really happy because we haven’t seen each other since the Summer so this is definitely something to look forward to!
Fei Fei Sun had a shoot for Elle China. And I think she rocked it.
fei fei 1
fei fei 2
fei fei 3
I always enjoy looking at model’s fashion shoots because they always look so gorgeous in them. And they always have the models do interesting things.
Well, loves. Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately..I don’t know why I haven’t. I blame my laziness. I promise a post tomorrow :)

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