Saturday, December 18, 2010

Some new things, dreams, and ideas...

I’ve been thinking..why is this world so stereotypical? If someone wants to dress a certain way let them dress that way. And just because they dress that way doesn’t mean they’re this type of person. I don’t believe in labeling. Sure, im kind of a hypocrite because I have a bad case of labeling people. But each time I have labeled someone it’s turned out that they aren’t like how I expected at all. Teens these days always judge people before they actually talk to them. And it sucks but that’s how the world is today..judging before knowing. At school things can be really tough for some teens. Some get laughed at just because they are being themselves. And some are even called stupid. Im mentioning this because yesterday I was texting Shaurie and I was calling her stupid and everything. I was upset but either way I shouldn’t have done that. So, now I’ve learned and I hope I don’t label people again because that’s something that’s affecting a lot of teens these days…
Today I heard about Carine Roitfeld leaving French Vogue. Those of you who do not know who she is she is(or was) the editor in chief of French Vogue for 10 years. Everyone will miss her and I hope she made the right choice.
Carine Roitfeld you will be dearly missed!!
As well all know Christmas is coming soon. Like I said on my last post I don’t know what I want. But I do have some things I wish for..
1.) I want my long hair back
braid 4
braid 5
braid 6
I want my long hair back so bad! It’s been a long time. I especially want it back so I can make nice pretty braids in it..
braid 1
braid 2
braid 3
2.) Happiness
Happiness has been drained from me many times this year so for the new year I really want to focus on me and I want to be happy. I don’t want other people taking my happiness away from me.
happy 1
happy 2
3.) Long pretty nails
I bite my nails and I can never stop. But I’m going to start trying really hard to stop myself because I want some pretty nails for once!
nails 1
Well, I hope I gave a somewhat better post than I have lately…hope you all have a good saturday!


  1. I love this post! I want my long hair back and pretty nails, as well! And of course, happiness(:


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