Monday, August 16, 2010

The news with Me...

Hey loves! I'm kind of upset right now....I don't have my internet up for my computer yet! The company for my internet said they're sending us a router....on last Tuesday! I should have it by now...but I don't! I should have patience but I don't..UGH....So, im really sorry loves that I haven't been able to put a new post up, with pictures!!! I promise, when I get my internet I shall make a post that will knock your socks off :) Just hope you guys understand! Ohh! And I'm very sorry my Juicy Pictures didn't show up! It upsets me as well...Well anyways, today I went to my school to get my schedule all figured out. I'm most likely taking Keyboard( Piano, im an expert, been playing for 6 years? Keyboard sounds kinda childish to me...), and acting! I chose the academy of Visual and Performing Arts! I hope this leads me to a great career...I don't know what to do yet! Im SO into fashion but my heart's also at piano...well, hopefully as I get older the answer will be revealed to me! Today I realized that school starts in a week! I'm super pumped but I'm also a little scared! Already!! I don't know anyone and I'm starting high school! Gosh. I feel old. But if I say that all of you guys will feel old too? Maybe not. Well, sometime this week my sister's giving me another photoshoot! But I won't be able to put the photos up until I get my computer working. Hopefully i'll have it before school starts! Oh! I almost forgot! Do you guys have any advice with school? Like anything will help! When school starts I really hope I'll still have time to blog! :) Well, sorry this post doesn't have any pictures! HOPEFULLY, I will get my computer sooner or later. It's been too long!!!


  1. My only advice for school would be to keep on top of your readings, etc. It may seem like a lot at the time but if you wait til an exam it can be an overwhelming amount of work to do. Goodluck!!
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  2. I think you should let time do its thing. You’ll be sure of what you do later. Right now, just have fun and enjoy yourself :)

  3. good luck at school!
    also my advice is to try hard but still have fun

  4. Love your blog, girl. My only advice? Work hard and dream big. You make your own luck :)


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