Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunshine award & Marco Tegnalia

Hey loves! Today I am sneaking on my step-dads computer :) I guess I can be naughty!! Well, I have been awarded two sunshine awards! Thank you guys :) You know who you are!! I felt so loved! So now like a nice person! I will tag 5 people! I love all your blogs but these are my favorites :D


1.) Ashley: Breakfast at Saks
2.) Shaurie: Sycadelics 
3.) Joes Blog: Joe's Blog
5.) SusuanaLove: SusuanaLove.
So there you are!!! Your guys' blogs are amazing so you guys were the ones to pick!! :)
Marco Tenaglia: Fashion Photographer
When I saw his work I thought it was so different. When I was flipping through his work I was so interested that I just had to blog away. His work is so artistic and I really like it. :)  His wish to discover new horizons pushes him to Rome, Milan, Barcelona, and New York, many times, refining his technique, style, and creativity. In his work he has a unique high energy composition to produce his stunning trademark style. 

Marco Tegnalia's work is amazing! I am so in love with the sensuality of some of his work and I love how his work is different from everyone else's! 


  1. Thanks for the award!! it was very unexpected lol
    I will put it on my wall page and thank you and link you blog in my next post :)


  2. really nice blog!

  3. congrats on ur awards! thanks so much for dropping by my blog and for ur sweet comment:) nice owl header, btw;) have a great weekend!


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