Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rei Kawakubo: Fashion Designer

Any person into fashion can easily say that Rei Kawakubo is one of their favorite fashion designers. She is an untrained Japanese fashion designer. In 1973 she established her own company, Comme des Garcons Co. Ltd in Tokyo and opened up her first boutique in 1975. Most of her clothes were for woman so she made a new men's line in 1978. Then 3 years later she started presenting her fashion lines in Paris each season, which then lead to a new boutique in 1982 in Paris. Her designs are mainly specialized in anti-fashion, austere, and sometimes deconstructed garments. During the 1980's most of her clothes were mainly in black, dark grey, and white. Rei created an uproar at her debut fashion show in Paris where some journalists labeled her clothes as 'Haroshima Chic." Since then she has added more color to her clothing. Reis' designs have inspired many other late designers such as Martin Margiela, Ann Demuelemeester, and Austrian designer Helmut Lang. I wonder what it'd be like wearing one of her designs. They have so much artistic feel to them, something I haven't seen in a long while.


  1. wow ~
    these pics are so moody !!
    love love love

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  3. i love the last few photos, its so dark and mysterious !

  4. great blog! i love the photos you post! we have a lot in common :)

  5. The clothes remind me a bit at McQueens' designes.

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