Friday, August 20, 2010

Philip Treacy: Hat Designer

Last night I was watching Project Runway!! I absolutely love the show :) I really like Gretchen(even though she has an attitude), Andy, and Valerie! I absolutely love their designs! Well last night Philip Treacy, a famous hat designer, was the designers' inspiration this week! They were to each pick a hat of his and design an outfit to go with it! As I saw the hats I instantly fell in love with them! I mean, they're amazing. They're so artistic and different! I would love to see someone wear one of those! I would more likely LOVE to wear one of them. They are just so unique and different! 

The looks from Project Runway were killer

Celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga are seen wearing his hats.

Here is a video of one of his fashion shows from 1999. I know, kind of a long time ago!


  1. amazing!! the butterfly one is cool! come follow me xoxo

  2. Thanks!! I love the butterfly one too :)

  3. Loved this episode!! it was so cool :) I liked Christophers even though they didnt...

  4. Yeah! Christopher's was amazing! I didn't get why they didn't like it!

  5. Love this brand, I see it in NETAPORTER.
    Thanks for posting this.


  6. It's awesome! Haha! And your welcome, hun :D!


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