Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bangs, Bangs, and more Bangs

Bangs, Bangs, & more Bangs

Well, what do you think of bangs? They're so ugly, they're awesome, or you just don't know what to think about them? Well, no matter what bangs work on any face so if you think your face won't work with the style, think again! Plus, bangs never go out of style. They're always featured in magazines and they're a great way to express your inner style. They can go with any style also, like they can go with a girlie look, or a date look. No matter what bangs are the way to choose. I really want bangs for high school and hopefully I get them! Many models have bangs and they rock the style. So, would you guys ever get bangs? What do you think of them???


  1. I used to have bangs when I was little but I got tired of it! But lately, I've been wanting to try again! They look amazing on all face types like you said! You have a great blog too! I wish I can write as much as you on my blog!! xxoxoxoxoxooo


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