Sunday, July 11, 2010

Time goes by fast when you're having fun..

Hello loves! Today I came back home, I am sad that my week went by so fast but all in all I had a great time in Orlando with my best friend. We went to parks, malls, the hospital, and a water park! It was really fun and I wish I still there. Yesterday we went to Aquatica(water park) and we had a great time. It wasn't as fun as I expected but still, it was so much fun! Today, my whole back is burned though! I look like a lobster! You know those people who are white and get sunburns and then they look cheesy? Well, that's me! It was worth it! When I came to Orlando I did not know what to expect. Would my best friend be totally different and not like me as much anymore? Or would I be the one who changed? But actually, no one changed. Instead of our friendship totally twisting and breaking our friendship got stronger this week. I am so lucky to have a friend like her :) Well, today was a pretty hectic day. My best friend(Shaurie), did my hair last night to add more volume. She twisted it into pieces and pinned them up. Well, this morning she took it down for me and it turned out horribly. So, she had to have her mom take all the knots out. This hurt so bad but I was patient and tried not to think about the pain. My hair looked crazy! We were all in a rush because we had to meet my mom to pick me up and take me home. My hair's better now but before it was bananas! Haha. So, my week was great. I haven't seen Shaurie since November so it was a big deal to see her. We also saw Eclipse. The movie was AMAZING. I loved how Edward proposed to Bella, Bella tried to punch Jacob's face(haha), and the big fight with Victoria and the army of vampires. I would love to see the movie again. And that's rare. Usually I don't like to see movies again. My week was great! Even though I wanted to stay for one more week, the time I had with Shaurie was priceless. We made so many insiders(inside jokes) with each other, that we'll never forget. This week was really fun and it made my whole summer. Well, I have to go unpack.
                                                                                 Much love, Belle<3

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  1. I am glad I have a best friend like u belle <3


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