Monday, July 19, 2010

Photoshoot Fun

Hello loves! Today was different. My sister, Jasmine Montmorency, was my photographer for a day. She gave me a photo shoot and went all out. Gosh. I didn't know people could have so much fun with me as their model. I mean Shaurie first, and now Jasmine? Wow. They both want me to be a model and I want to be too. I mean, it sounds like fun! :) This photo shoot was fun but extremely uncomfortable. She made me pose in the weirdest moves and it was just really uncomfortable. But I can't complain! I mean, it was fun anyways.
Well these are some of the photos. These are my favorites. Jasmine's a great photographer and I love what she did. What do you guys think? She made my hair completely crazy. Usually it's flat but this was fun. She went crazy with my make up too but I guess she wanted to go all out today. Well, let me know what you guys think!
Much love, Belle


  1. awesomeness! (: hey congratulations! you're the winner of my blog giveaway!

    send me an email with your details and i'll post the package out as soon as possible! (:

    xx rena.

  2. that looks like fun!
    i love how your dress matches with the dots in the background!

  3. thank you everyone! You guys are too sweet :)


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