Friday, July 2, 2010

Meet Julian

Julian is one of my best friends :) He is hilarious! He always says weird things which always make me laugh! He's suuu cute! I super weird but if people weren't weird where would we be today? Exactly. NO WHERE. More about Julian! Well, we met this school year when I moved to Miami and since then he has made me laugh and smile even when I am in the worst mood. When I'm in a crazy mood he's not like "Belle you're a freak" he joins in instead!! He always loves to have fun and I could never forget him! He's so different from everyone else and he is so weird but that's what's so awesome about him! Julian is like a dog(not in a bad way), I say this because he's super loyal and he'll never leave your side. Even when you do something stupid he won't leave you instead he'll help you with your problem just by making you laugh :) When you're around Julian he seems like a REALLY quiet person but once you get to know him he's a great person and really fun to be around! Sure, he may say some really silly things, but if people weren't like that the world would be really boring! So, I'm writing this post to let Julian know that he's so awesome and I wanted to say thank you to him for being such a great friend and always putting me in the best moods! He makes me feel that being weird isn't a bad thing after all, it's actually pretty cool!


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