Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Waris Ahluwalia: Jewelry Designer

Hello loves! Before I get into the topic for today I have some things to say! Well, first last night was so weird and strange at the same time! Shaurie has had this HUGE crush on this guy since 7th grade! And I mean HUGE! We stalked him in everything! Thankfully he didn't notice. ;) Well, yesterday we wanted to try something. We prank called him! At first it was just a stupid prank call. But then Shaurie wanted me to call him again and we ended up having a conversation. I was like "woah!" It was so weird! The sad thing was this year he moved and he wasn't at the same school. I had moved too so Shaurie had no one to stalk and no one to stalk with! We talked for like 20 minutes and we found out some things about him. It was something I would have never imagined would happen! When we said goodbye Shaurie and I talked about it till 2 in the morning! Yes, we are some crazy chicas! Shaurie was really proud of herself for actually talking to him and I was proud of her too! It's because Shaurie is SO shy when it comes to her crushes and I would always tell her to say something to him but she was too shy! So last night was something special! Shaurie was kinda awkward at times, though! She told him that his voice was hot and that he was hot! And I was on the line and I was like uhhhh. Haha! But! He told her that she was hot too! I was like OMG. All in all it was a really fun night. Shaurie and I have made a day each month where we call him. It's called Ben Day. Ben's his name. Well, all in all it was a really interesting night! Also, I'm moving in two days!! I'm so excited!
Waris Ahluwalia
Waris Ahluwalia is an American jewelry designer and actor. He imigrated with his family to the United States when he was five. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York and he is currently based in New York. He has also lived in Los Angeles and has traveled frequently to Rome, Italy, Japan, Rajasthan, India where most of his jewelry is made. His jewelry is sold through his company, House of Waris. Besides his jewelry Waris has played small roles in many movies. Some are I am Love(2010), which he plays Shai Kubelkian and another is The Inside Man(2006), where he plays the role of Vikram Walia. His jewelry is very contemporary and hip. 
"I am strongly influenced by the romance and history of Italy and India," says designer Waris Ahluwalia, who has ateliers in both countries. "I was in Rome doing a Wes Anderson film and fell in love with the history that permeates everything." Actress Cate Blanchett adores his jewelry. Same as Lauren Hutton and Chloe Sevigny. 
Waris's jewelry is gorgeous! It'd be cool to own some :)


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