Thursday, July 29, 2010

Effi tagged me! & my first OOTD!

Hey loves! Today Effi tagged me in a post! Yay! So I must start!

1.) What's your favorite fashion trend?
       Honestly, I like them all! I love wearing skinny jeans, bangs, and layering.
2.) Who's your fashion icon?
        I would most definitely have to say Twiggy. I love her look and she's just so cute!
3.) Where you've always wanted to live?
      New York! I've loved the place ever since i was little! I've never been there but i'd love to visit!
4.) Who's your favorite designer?
      Chanel! To me nothing can go wrong with Chanel. The fashion shows are amazing!
5.) What's your favorite shop?
       Forever 21! The clothes there are so cute and cheap too!
6.) What's your favorite movie?
        That's a tough question...mhm...I'd have to say Twilight but I also love Mean Girls, Avatar, Funny Face, and a lot of other movies!
7.) 3 things you can't live without
         My best friend, lip gloss, and my converse
Today is my first outfit of the day! 
Sorry for my horrible hair loves! I didn't feel like doing it today! :) Well my shirt is from Forever 21. I love owls and when I saw this I fell in love! Shorts from Hollister. I promise to get better outfits! It's just that I'm moving tomorrow and because of that I had to pack most of my clothes! GRR. And because of that I also have to pack my computer tonight! So I might not be blogging for a while. Hopefully we unpack it tomorrow but if we don't then hopefully Saturday! :( I'll miss my loves! I'm addicted to blogging! As you see. That's why I did two posts today instead of the usual one! Well, I hope you guys liked my first OOTD!!



  1. Nice outfit (^_^)

  2. short shorts and tank tops always the one :)


  3. great blog.
    i like it:)

    I'll follow you if you'll follow me:

  4. hello beautiful ...
    I really loved your blog .. is beautiful .. I love the white in combination with the images you've posted ... kisses
    I follow you ...
    I invite you to my blog .. I hope you like it too ...

  5. I love your hair! and the top :) x

  6. I couldn't answer you before because I went on holiday! Thanks so much for your comments, they always make me so happy! :)

    btw, you have such a beautiful eyes!

    My Cherry Gum

  7. hey belle since I helped you set up your blog and everything can u help me promote my art and photogprahy blog Sycadelics?
    thanks, for being such a great bestie.

  8. love the top, its so cute! :)

  9. Yes! forever 21 is always the best place to shop...

  10. Hi!!
    Thanks for your comment and for following me!! :)

    I love your face, and your eyes are really beautiful and expresive, :).
    And yes, Chanel is the best.


  11. Cute outfit!!! :) btw I love your blog and I just gave you the Sunshine Award. Check out my blog for details. xoxo

  12. Thanks for following! Cute blog :)

  13. Belle my bestie in the whole wide world! You got a sunshine award! Come to my blog for more info ;)

  14. Thx loves!!! You guys are all amazing! Sorry i haven't been able to respond. I've haven't had internet...

  15. Hey there! I like your outfit! It's super cute! I am now following your blog! Thanks for checking out mine!

    -Amy Bird Tweets


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