Thursday, July 15, 2010

What a week..

This week has not been so great. I came back home on Sunday and since then things have gone downhill...on Monday I got contacts! I was so happy! But the bad thing was I got sick! And this was really bad because we were at the mall. I threw up in the car and I didn't feel well for the rest of the night. Then on Tuesday everything was ok. My sister and I started packing a little bit since we're moving at the end of the month. Then yesterday my sister was sick. She stayed in bed all day so I was pretty lonely yesterday. Also, my dog is sick! She hasn't been eating and we're really worried about her. We're taking her to the vet eventually and hopefully we'll know what the problem is. She threw up all over my room, my bathroom, and she still isn't eating! Hopefully she starts to get better!!!! Today I woke up at around 10 and there was throw up all over my room! Which sucked even more was people were coming at 10:30 to come look at my house! It was such a mess that I had no time to change into regular clothes or look decent! It was so terrible! But I guess this can happen to anyone, it just happened to me today!!
Well, enough about this! I promised you guys some pics of my visit with Shaurie! So here they are!
Here we had jelly beans in our hands which I took a pic of! Silly memory :)
This was Shaurie holding an elephant! They're her favorite animal!

This pic's blurry but I was posing by this unique suitcase that Shaurie and I both really liked!

Here we were posing by a little pond of fish! I apologize for the blurriness!

Here are the fishies from the pond! Aren't they so pretty?

This is another picture of us together! I look completely weird here...
Well, I miss my bestie so much!! :3
Much love, Belle


  1. nice blog we had fun...Why are the pics so blury belle?

  2. thank you for visiting and following you have a cute blog great work keep it up im following :)

  3. oh no! i hate being sick. thank god that the last i ever got sick was years agoo! thanks to my daily intake of vitamins! theyre like gummy bears too and taste just like them! you should try them out! i swear, i always wake up in the morning wanting to take my vitamins coz theyre delish! i havent gotten sick ever since ive taken them!!

    im gonna stop, this could go on forever. anyway, lovin your blog girl!

  4. what a cute blog :)
    love from germany!

  5. Thank you everyone! You guys are amazing and I appreciate all the comments!
    Much love, Belle

  6. beautiful pics! I love jelly beans!!

    nice blog, take a look at me and follow if you like!!

    kisses from italy!

  7. Thank you!!! I'll be sure to check your blog out!! :)

  8. Hi! :)
    Thank you for your comment! ^_^
    Cute blog!

    Have a nice day :)


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