Thursday, June 17, 2010

Danny Roberts new collection for Forever 21

Hello loves! Well, lately I have been crazy over Danny Roberts new collection for Forever 21! If you guys do not know who he is he's the famous blogger of Igor and Andre( He is a fabulous artist and had drawn portraits of four talented bloggers. These portraits are now on tees for Forever 21! I love all the shirts! I want the one with the person who has hearts on her cheeks!! Tell me which one you guys like the best!
                                                           Much love, Belle <3


  1. I like the one with nerd glasses :) It's adorable <3

  2. thanks for commenting on my blog!
    I follow you too..

  3. i love these t-shirts!
    nice blog :) keep on and post your own outfits!

  4. I am in love with his illustrations! I bought the one in the third photo a couple of days ago! =)

  5. Thank you sweetie, I'm following you ;)

    These shirts are very cute! I think there were similar ones in Zara and they have been much spoken because it seems that they copied pictures of some of the most known bloggers and they weren't happy about it. In fact I think it's the first and the last one here.
    Just for you to know x) but they are really cute no doubt :)


  6. my fav is the girl with the glasses and pink nails, i've actually seen her blog, very kool. id love to be on a t-shirt, im sure u would too! check out my blog at thx!

  7. Thanks for commenting everyone! I totally appreciate it :)


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