Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer has officially started!

Hey everyone! Yesterday was the first day of summer! I started it off just right by hitting the beach and relaxing with the family! The weather was perfect so summer is off to a good start this year!! Well, I want to start the summer off with a summer post! How awesome is that? Well,  I am going to tell you guys what you gotta have in your closet this summer! I made this set on polyvore which shows the necessities of the summer!
1.) Floral Leggings, 2.) Maxi Dress, 3.) Unique Bikini, 4.) Ray Ban sunglasses, 5.) Casual Romper, 6.) Gladiator Sandals, 7.) Digital Camera, 8.) Tote Bag, 9.) Touch-screen phone, 10.) Energy Drink, 11.) Flip flops
I found these items were necessary to enjoy the summer. Hope you guys have fun this summer!! :D
Much love, Belle<3


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