Friday, June 11, 2010


Yay! School's out for the summer! Now I finally get to sleep in. :) Well, I don't know what this summer has in store for me but I'm ready to find out! Shaurie is coming to visit next Friday which I am so excited for! Also, my older sister is coming for her birthday! My brother, her boyfriend, and her friend are also tagging along! We are going to have lots of fun! This summer I want to relax and lay out by the pool. I'm for sure going to see Eclipse(the third movie of the Twilight saga, im a big fan!) maybe with Shaurie. So far we've seen Twilight and New Moon together so I hope we get to continue the tradition! Well, like I said in my first post I am interested in modeling. So this summer my mom is taking me to Elite modeling agency. I'm 5'7 and so I'll be growing even taller. Well next year I start highschool! I may be going to a new school(again...) and so I do not know what to expect! I'm scared but excited for what will happen at the same time! Well anyways, I hope this summer is lots of fun and brings lots of memories along the way!! SUMMER 2010 HERE I COME!

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  1. I hope you get to be a model your perfect for it :)


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