Monday, June 14, 2010

The photos I promised

4.Well, hello loves! I put a few of the pics from the park! (just like i promised) Well, 1.) This pic is of me and my sister I was telling you guys about! I love hers! :D 2.) This picture was of the beautiful water I was talking about! I can't get my mind off of it! Isn't it amazing? 3.) This picture was just random! I love my converse so I felt like putting it up. 4.) Finally, this picture is of me! I felt like taking a pic with a heart! Hehe. I was feeling the love <3 Well, I'll post some more pics up soon! Enjoy!
Much love, Belle :)


  1. Belle! Very glad u have a blog. In cleaning up the classroom last week I found a blog about ur wonderfulness. I brought it home and when I find it will send u what I wrote.

    Always see urself as the bright and beautiful Belle that I do

  2. Fabulous blog, thanks so much for commenting x



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