Sunday, June 13, 2010

What Stepdads & Sisters Do

What my step dad does...

Well today, I was telling my mom about how I was making a blog. She didn't understand what a blog was, so she asked my step dad what it was. He said he didn't know what it was either, so he started asking me questions. He was like ," Belle what is a Blog?"
So, I kept on trying to tell him that it was hard to explain and it was something that you had to explore yourself. Then he was telling me that I had to ask his permission to do anything like this (what!?). He was like,"You need to show me."
At this time I was at my boiling point, so I rushed through my dinner and didn't eat the rest of it. I hope my step dad doesn't make me delete my blog like he made me delete my Twitter (I had to make a new one.). Hopefully, he would soon understand how much this blog means to me and doesn't make me delete it.

What my sister does...

Now, I truly do love my sister, but sometimes there are moments, that make that love turn into less. Well today my sister, could not find her favorite ring. So she kept begging me to help her, and eventually, like always, I was tired of her and I gave in. So I started helping her find her ring, and after I tried looking for it for a long time, I got tired and went on the computer, but, she said I was not allowed to go on until I found her ring. I was telling her she could not make me do things that I don't wanna do, but she just ignored me (like always). So I continued looking for her ring, because I did not want to get hurt. She hurts me by hitting me very hard, scratching me until my skin peels, or she digs her deep nails into my skin until I bleed and develop a scab. So I started looking for the ring one more time, but I could not find it. Then like before, I walked back to the computer, again she said,"You are not to go to the computer or sit down until you find my ring." This time I just ignored her, then thankfully she did not hurt me, and yes, eventually the ring was found(phew!)

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