Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More about Me!

Today I realized that I haven't talked much about my everyday life on here. I've talked more about the things I like. Which kind of helps you get to know I right? Well, let me talk more about myself for once. :) Well, when I first started this blog I introduced myself a little. But let me get more into detail. Well, my name is Belle. I'm just a teen, 14 yrs old. Some of you may have thought that I'm older but well, I'm not. I'm in LOVE with fashion. I always try to add more to my wardrobe. It's plain right now but hopefully, someday it will be better. Full of designer brands such as Chanel, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana,  Louis Vouitton, and other famous  designer brands. When I introduced myself last time I said that I didn't like pink too much. I love it again! And my second favorite color is blue. It's so pretty and calming! My favorite food is sushi!! It's amazing! My favorite dessert is cheesecake! YUM. My favorite candy is either chocolate or skittles. I can't decide which! I love Starbucks' frappicinos! They're delicious! I wear glasses. I used to not but now I do. Without them I'm as blind as a bat. I've already told you guys that I want to be a model. I'm 5'7 and I'm 14, so am I tall enough? Everyone in my family has been a model. So I want to continue that. :) I'm a blond and at times I totally act like one too. Oops! I don't mean it, just sometimes I get confused with the simplest things. Or I confuse people a lot. Everyone tells me I have a blond voice! Not cool! Sometimes, I go on YouTube and I hear people and I'm like wow. They sound like the perfect blond. But then I webcammed with my bestie and I sounded just like a blond! GRR. >< I also am obsessed with Twilight. I tell everyone that I'm not but I totally am! I don't mean to be but I can't help myself! Every time I read a book from the sega or a new movie comes out I get obsessed all over again! Right now I'm reading New Moon and I love Jacob!! But then I saw a picture of Edward and I love him too! Edward is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and Jacob is AMAZINGLY hot! So I can't choose a side! I'm angry that Bella can't choose both! But at least Jacob has her child. That's fair. Let's see...I like all types of music. I like alternative, indie, some pop...I hate rap with the passion. Same with screamo. Sorry if I offended some of you. I just don't like that type of music. I'm okay with everything else. I played the piano for 6 yrs. I didn't really end it it's just I had to sell my piano because I was moving and I haven't been able to get a new piano yet. I love playing the piano. It's like my get away from the world. My worries go behind me when I start to play. I really miss playing the piano. It's been almost a year now...Well, I'm kind of a nerd. I'm weird though because I have tons of friends and everything so I don't know why I say this. I guess that sometimes I feel like one. I like to spend my days at home reading all day. Ahh,whatever. Anyways, more about me. My parents named me after the movie Beauty & the Beast. They were crazy about the disney movies then so they wanted to name me Belle. I love my name so much! It means beautiful in French which I love. Also, it's such a unique name. I haven't met anyone yet who has the same name. People have Isabella, or Isabelle as a name but not just plain Belle. Which is so awesome! Oh! I forgot to mention I have VERY long fingers. So when I played the piano it was easier. I could just stretch my fingers across the keys. Mostly everyone think my fingers are very unique. I guess they are. I can make my fingers into a spider and I can make it walk. It's really funny :) I bite my nails...not really the actual nail my nails are pretty long right now but I tend to bite the skin. It's disgusting but it's a habit, it's not something I can change. Or is it? I try really hard to stop myself. Maybe someday my nails will be prettier. Well, sometimes I can be really nice and I get along with everyone. Except my sister. Yeah..I lose my temper pretty easily when she comes around. We're really close so maybe that's why. I'm super nice to her at times but sometimes I get ticked off at the simplest things. I try to control it but sometimes I lose it. Also, I'm a Christian. I'm not afraid to talk about God. I'm not going to talk about it much though because people have different views. It's just human nature. Well, I have a best friend. At my old school we were the only people we had. No one liked us and so things were hard. We spent 6th and 7th grade together but last summer I had to move. I feel so bad because she was by herself for 8th. I mean, it was terrible. We were without eachother and we're basically twins so it was really hard to say goodbye. We're still best friends and she's like my sister. We talk to each other everyday and we tell eachother absolutely EVERYTHING. And I'm not exaggerating. She's the first person I go to for advice on everything. She's the first to know if I like someone and same for her. I can't wait till Saturday, though! I live in Miami and she lives in Orlando. So, we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like. So, this Saturday we are meeting at a rest stop between the two cities and I am going to Orlando! I will be able to be with her for a week which is so awesome. We are spending 4th of July together and we are going to Acquatica! You guys have probably heard of that, right? So yeah. I'm counting down. So, 3 more days! Yay :) Well, have I told you guys enough about me? Hopefully I have! 
                                                         Much love, Belle<3


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