Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Seeing the world in a better view and more..

                               My decision, seeing the world in a better view
 Well, last night I couldn't sleep and I made a decision. I decided that I was sick of not being able to see so I  will wear my glasses 24/7 now. Not literally but you guys know what I mean! I started wearing my glasses today and I love it already! I can see everybody in a better light and so I am a lot happier person. So, now I can see the world in a better view and maybe I look like a nerd because I wear glasses. But actually, wearing glasses is a very cool style. You can see lots of models in fashion magazines wearing them and it's not so bad. When people see others wearing glasses they pop out of the crowd. Many people label others who wear glasses "the girl/boy with the glasses" but I mean, don't we all? But I am happy with my glasses and now I can finally see the world in a better view.
                              Looking forward to the weekend
I am so looking forward to this weekend! My bestie Shaurie who I spoke about in my last post is planning on coming and visiting me! We do not live in the same city anymore so we really miss eachother! She might not but I so hope they do! I haven't seen her since November when we saw New Moon(2nd twilight movie) together. I miss her so much! So hopefully, she comes and visits! I am very lonely without her here by my side! :) Well, hope you guys are enjoying my posts!!
                                     xo, Belle

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  1. your blog is lovely! i absolutely love glasses. celebs, models, tv characters always look so chic wearing glasses!


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