Saturday, June 12, 2010

What a day...

Follow my blog with bloglovin Today was not much of a good I woke up and my head started to hurt and my mouth felt numb. At first I ignored this and I went to have some breakfast. After breakfast I went back to my bed to rest because I was starting to feel worse. Then my stomach began to start hurting and all of a sudden I felt like I was about to throw up. So I went to the bathroom and no success. So then I went back to bed and I about ten minutes I felt it coming. So I ran to the bathroom and I threw up twice. I won't give you any more gory details. It wasn't pretty though. :) 
 Well anyways, when I'm grown up enough I want to live in New York. Yes, it is very expensive to live there. I mean to even live in a studio the average price per month is $1769. And studios are quite small. I would love to someday see the Statue of Liberty, and even go to Fashion week in New York. I've dreamed of New York and being big in the fashion business ever since I was little.  New York is a big fashion capital and I'd love to visit there. Though, I live in a fashion capital myself, it is not the same as New York. I want to be in the busy traffic in New York and be in the middle of all the honking. Haha! That would be some story to tell!! I've also wanted to go on the very top of the Empire State Building. It would scare me at first to be up so high but I wouldn't forget it. Also, if I were ever to visit New York I would also love to go to Times Square. It would be amazing to go there for New Year's Eve to see the big ball drop! I'd love to see broadway there also. It would be awesome to see New York. Well, that's it! 
        Much love, Belle

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