Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fashion Icon of the Week

Well, I am going to give you guys something new today. I thought of something that might interest some of you, every week I will be talking about a fashion icon that may be popular today or had a big role in fashion. So, this week I kept contemplating between a few icons but I finally made the choice! Today I will be talking about.................TWIGGY!!! Yay! Who doesn't love her? Well, Twiggy was born on September 19, 1949 in Neasden a suburb in London. Twiggy started modeling at the age of 16, and became known as one the first prominent teenage model. Everyone loved her for her long eyelashes, big eyes, and thin build. Twiggy has two other sisters both who are older than her. Twiggy was married to American actor Michael Witney, who later died from a heart attack. They had a daughter, Carly, who was born in 1978. After his tragic death Twiggy married Leigh Lawson in 1988. He adopted Carly, who took on his surname. The couple now lives in London.
                                               Twiggy's Modeling Career
Well, as we all know Twiggy marked fashion history with her modeling career. Twiggy got her look from a hairdresser who was looking for models to have their hair cropped short. He tried it out on Twiggy and voila! There was Twiggy's signature hairstyle. At the age of 16 her career quickly took off. She was 5'6(short for a model), weighed only a mere 91 lb., and had a slim figure. Her hairdresser boyfriend, soon became her manager and persuaded her to change her name from Lesley to Twiggy. (getting the name from her childhood nickname "Twigs") Twiggy soon became popular. She was seen in fashion magazines across the world and eventually brought out her own clothing line "Twiggy Dresses" Twiggy was criticized for promoting an "unhealthy" body ideal for women because of her boyish-looks. Though, Twiggy did have many supporters.  Twiggy started a stage for many young girls and she still does.
                                        Twiggy acting and singing career 
After four years of modeling Twiggy retired wanting something other than posing for a picture. So, Twiggy set off for something else and found her own talent in acting and singing. Twiggy starred in films such as The Boyfriend. She became a great actress and won two Golden Globe Awards in 1972. She even hosted her own British television series Twiggs which was later changed to Twiggy. After this she set off on her singing career. She appeared on many things such as The Muppet Show in which she sand "In My Life" a Beatles song. Twiggy then released two albums, Twiggy and Please Get my Name Right. These albums sold very well. Then between 1980-1999 she worked on many acting projects. Then in 2001 Twiggy co-hosted the British magazine programme This Morning. She later released yet another album Midnight Blue. She then starred as a guest judge on America's Next Top Model for seasons 5-9. 
 Twiggy has done lots of work. So much I don't even know where to begin! She is a huge inspiration for not only me but millions of others out there who dream to be just like her. She is still a huge fashion icon and I can't help but love her. Twiggy will never get boring as long as I know. Well, GO TWIGGY! :)
                                         xo, Belle <3 

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