Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello loves! I bet you've all heard about the World Cup, you know soccer? Well, today the USA team played against Algeria. The winners of the game enter to compete in the World Cup. This is a big deal and so if the USA won the game it would be great news. So, the game started and throughout the whole game no team could score a point! It was driving everyone crazy! Even me, which I did not expect. The games are 90 minutes. Sometimes if there is a tie or if no one has scored a point(in this case) they add more time. Since no one had scored yet four more minutes were added. Hopefully, the USA could get their heads in the game and score a goal. Counting down in my head the 91 minute was starting and then Landon Donovan scored a goal!!!! The USA was celebrating! I was jumping up and down when I saw this! Then the game came to an end and guess who won? THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!! :) They worked so hard so for them to win was a huge deal for them! Donovan was the hero this time! He's my favorite person on the team also so I was super excited! Everyone worked so hard so they totally deserved to win! GO USA!!!!!!!

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